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Printing Addis Ababa, Bole Medhanialem Infront Sheger House Lingo Tower 4th floor
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Naka Brand Advertising (NBA) was established on November 2019 aiming to serve digital marketing, but after some months we expand our business to other additional 4 departments (Branding, Printing, Paid promotion (Boost) & Website design). Now NBA is regarded as Addis Ababa\'s greatest advertising company. We\'ve established ourselves as a reliable name in branding and business promotion, with a particular emphasis on online and offline marketing services. You may now focus entirely on your business because we\'ve taken care of all technical and new-age media needs. Whether it\'s an individual, a Small and Medium Enterprise (SME), or a Multinational Corporation, we provide customized and integrated solutions advertising options that are suitable for everyone. By executing a variety of fresh and highly creative pieces around the country, we have already sparked controversy in the advertising industry. Now, Naka Brand Advertising\'s services span a variety of industries, including real estate, hotels, financial institutions, retail, and travel, with many more on the way. At a time when advertising and branding services have become an essential element of corporate operations throughout the world, creative and marketing companies are seeking for a competitive edge. With a variety of unique concepts and dazzling advertising approaches, Naka Brand Advertising has earned a position in this market. We have the experience to establish a brand that has subtle recall value & increased market awareness, whether it is on an online or offline platform. In addition, our market research, business planning, and strategic advertising services are unrivaled. Naka Brand Advertising is better suited to those seeking cost-effective & highly effective advertising and marketing services in a short period of time. Currently, Naka Brand Advertising has maintained a strong position in the following five industries: Printing, Branding, Social media management, Paid Promotion(Boost), and Website design.



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