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Frequently Asked Questions

Our target customers : All kinds of Business of every size,  Individual investors, venture capitalists interested in African markets, professionals in finance, marketing, legal, and logistics for African opportunities, entrepreneurs focused on African markets, organizations supporting African economic growth, Trade associations and chamber of commerce in Africa, Government agencies and ministries promoting African trade and investment and Key stakeholders in African industries (Finance, agriculture, manufacturing, technology, energy, infrastructure).have a place in our Platform 

Our services and benefits 

Networking and promotions : We offer networking and promotional services, encompassing company profiling, project showcasing, and advertising listings, to assist small, medium, and large companies in promoting their businesses locally and across Africa.

Business Development : We offer consultancy and support services to governments, companies, and organizations involved in African trade and investment, including facilitating B2B and B2G introductions.

Global Events : Our comprehensive business events and networking provide a dynamic platform for individuals, companies, and organizations to gain valuable insights and make relevant connections through the Africa Trade and Investment Summit.


The ICOA Affiliate Program is a marketing partnership program that allows individuals or businesses to earn additional income by referring customers to ICOA’s event tickets, and membership plans. As an affiliate, you will earn a commission for each successful purchase made through your unique affiliate referral .further information visit our affiliate page 

The ICOA Membership Program offers three distinct tiers, each tailored to cater to specific needs:

Basic free : For any one seeking to elevate their business presence across the African continent.

Premium quarterly or yearly paid : Tailored for those aiming to showcase their exciting projects online, attract potential investors, and gain access to exclusive travel benefits.

Elite yearly paid : Designed for aspiring entrepreneurs, investors, CEOs, founders, and government officials looking to broaden their connections and emphasise their significance.

Each tier of our membership level provides unique opportunities and benefits to support and enhance the professional journey of our members.

This means you will be charged on the same day each quarter or year.
Please note : ICOA membership fee is non refundable, You can choose to not renew your next renewal date 

ICOA pay is a digital wallet that is used to make online purchases, upgrade membership  event tickets and pay bills for ICOA Services only. with out using Bank account . No need to hold a phyiscal card in your pocket, you can use ICOA pay just you need to buy ICOA pay Cards from vendors at your area and deposit at your wallet  to use it.

Bill Payments – You can pay your ICOA bills instantly and easily anytime without bank account 

Instant & Everywhere – At our global offices or agents, you can topup or add money to your ICOA pay wallet instantly. 

Safe & Secure – It protects your money from online fraud using safe and advanced technologies.

Easy payment – You will get huge options to pay ICOA services

I have a credit card. Why should I use ICOA pay ?
ICOA pay is a much safer way to make payments on our services  This makes it more secure than a credit card, where the entire limit is available for purchases.

Further more we offer bank transfer and via agent payment options

The Africa Trade and Investment Summit (ATIS) is the Investment center of Africa.  flagship business summit and exhibition, to organize twice a year to promote and facilitate trade and investments and to provide African and foreign investors and businesses with expanding opportunities in new markets and enhancing knowledge