ICOA Official Launch Ceremony

Ethiopia 23/12/2022
ICOA Official Launch Ceremony

Launch Ceremony for Digital Platform and ATIS International Business and Exhibition Summit held in raddison blu hotel - Addis Ababa Ethiopia 

We are pleased to provide a brief report on the successful launch ceremony of our digital platform and the ATIS International Business and Exhibition Summit. The event served as a platform to showcase technological advancements, foster business relationships, and promote international cooperation.

Highlights of the Launch Ceremony:


  1. Opening Address: The event commenced with an inspiring opening address by Mr Abdinasir Turkey, the chairman and CEO of Investment center of Africa, highlighting the significance of embracing digital platforms and international collaboration in today's business landscape.
  2. Unveiling of the Digital Platform: A key moment of the ceremony was the official unveiling of our innovative digital platform. Attendees witnessed firsthand the user-friendly interface, advanced features, and seamless integration designed to enhance business operations and facilitate global connectivity.
  3. Keynote Presentations: Esteemed speakers from various industries delivered insightful presentations on topics such as digital transformation, international trade, and emerging business trends. Their expertise provided valuable insights and inspired attendees to explore new possibilities.


The launch ceremony for our digital platform and the ATIS International Business and Exhibition Summit was a resounding success. It brought together industry professionals, thought leaders, and entrepreneurs, fostering an environment of knowledge sharing, business growth, and international cooperation. We are confident that this event has laid a solid foundation for future endeavors and will contribute to the advancement of the global business community.